• The provisions hereof shall apply to Ar-Speed employees, the customers of the company, as well as the business entities, involving in business relations with Ar-Speed.


  • The terms and conditions of Ar-Speed transport services shall provide for the possibility of courier delivery through external companies, on the basis of the agreements drawn up with these companies.


  • The content hereof shall use the following terms:
  • Sender - the entity providing the shipment in order to deliver it to the recipient;
  • Recipient - the entity authorized to receive the shipment, on the basis of the address details available in the transport order (the Recipient can be an individual, a legal entity or an organizational unit);
  • Ordering Party - the entity ordering transport or post services from Ar-Speed (the Ordering Party can be the Sender or the Recipient, as well as the entity representing any of them or acting on its own behalf);
  • Payer - the entity covering the costs of the transport services, as indicated in the agreement (the Payer can be the Ordering Party, the Sender or the Recipient).


  • Collection of the shipment from the specified address is done after a request is made by phone or the form on the website www.transport-paczek.pl and confirmation of the order by Ar-Speed employee
  • Placing an order shall mean a declaration of the Ordering Party that he/she/it knows the provisions hereof, as well as the rules for packaging and the price list of Ar-Speed. Acceptance of the order shall mean conclusion of the agreement to provide the services and commits both parties to respect any related provisions, provided the relevant points of the agreement do not stipulate otherwise.
  • Ar-Speed is obliged to deliver the shipments to the hands of the Recipient. If it is justified that the shipment cannot be delivered, it shall be returned to the Sender. The additional cost of return transport shall be borne by the Sender (according to the current price list).
  • In the event of refusal by the Ordering Party (not the Sender or the Recipient) to provide the payment for successful transport service, the Sender shall be obliged to provide the payment.
  • If at the time of the delivery attempt the Recipient is absent at the specified address, the employee of Ar-Speed (or the company acting on the basis of the subcontracting agreement) shall leave the notice informing about the possibility of collecting the shipment at a specific place and time, or about possibility of ordering redelivery.
  • If the Recipient does not collect the noticed shipment after the expiry of the deadline, it shall be returned to the Sender at its expense (unless the requests for non-compliance have been submitted at the time by the Recipient or the Sender).


  • The Sender shall be responsible for proper and safe packaging of the shipment. Proper and safe packaging shall mean the one that allows to deliver the shipment unaffected in the assessment of the representative of Ar-Speed company. In particular, this shall apply to use of appropriate packaging materials and protections in case of spontaneous opening of the shipment. The packaging shall also prevent from access to the contents of the shipment without packaging damage. If necessary, the packaging shall contain supplementary marking, such as “up/down”, “caution”, etc. The packaging components shall not pose a threat to the contents of the shipment and for the shipments in the vicinity.
  • The weight of the packaging shall be a part of the weight of the shipment and shall affect the price of the transport.


  • The Sender shall be responsible for conformity of the declared content of the shipment with the facts. In case of doubts as to the aforementioned conformity, Ar-Speed can inspect the contents of the shipment as well as its protections. Such inspection shall be held in the presence of the Sender or its representative. In special cases, the inspection shall be done in the presence of the appointed commission. If the inspection confirms non-compliance, Ar-Speed can refuse to provide the transport services, or request the relevant amendment to the agreement.


  • The transport services shall not cover:
    - materials which are flammable, explosive, corrosive, radioactive, emitting odours, as well as weapons, ammunition and other dangerous objects, which are not allowed to be transported according to the relevant provisions;
    - drugs and other psychoactive agents (including psychotropic drugs) with the exception of medical shipments or sent for scientific purposes by the authorized institutions;
    - cigarettes, alcohol and other goods subject to the excise duty;
    - corpses and human remains;
    - shipments holding visible inscriptions or figures in violation of any law;
    - works of art, antiques, precious stones and metals, cash, securities, certificates, and other qualities of transferable, the transport of which is restricted by the applicable laws;
    - any other items, the transport of which is not allowed pursuant to the relevant provisions
  • The attempt to violate any of the above points can result in sending back to the Sender (at its cost) of the items excluded from the transport services or the total denial of the service including imposition of the contractual penalty to the Sender or the Recipient in the amount of five times the rates for the service.
  • Ar-Speed shall reserve the right to refuse performance of the service if:
    - there are no technical capabilities to meet the requirements of the customer on the date of delivery, as well as the location of the Sender or the Recipient;
    - insufficient protection of the shipment has been found;
    - there is justified suspicion of non-compliance of the declared contents of the shipment with the facts;
    - other factors preventing from transport of the shipment have been found.
  • In exceptional circumstances, Ar-Speed reserves the right to refuse the transport services for any reason.


  • To provide the transport services shall it is necessary to have the readable Recipient's address with the correct postcode located on the shipment.
  • Undelivered shipment can be opened in order to obtain the information needed for its effective delivery or possible return to the Sender.


  • Ar-Speed company shall be responsible for the costs related to repurchase or repair of the shipment, only in case of the actual losses attributable to damage and loss or decrease of the shipment from the time of its acceptance from the Sender until its collection by the Recipient. The financial responsibility of Ar-Speed shall be limited by the amount of the upper limit of the liability of 1000 PLN.
  • The basis for the complaint shall be a protocol properly drawn up by Ar-Speed representative, including the description of damage or loss of the shipment as well as the date and time of delivery. The protocol shall be drawn up in the presence of the Recipient and signed by the Recipient.
  • Liquidation of damage and payment of compensation shall be performed by an insurance company acting on behalf of Ar-Speed.
  • Ar-Speed responsibility shall not cover damages arising out of non-performance or improper performance of the services, in the form of loss of income, profits or gains, both in relation to the Sender or a third party.
  • Acceptance of the shipment without restrictions by the Recipient shall mean lack of any complaints for damages against Ar-Speed.


  • All payments associated with the transport service shall be charged on the basis of the valid price list and shall be listed in the agreement concluded with the Ordering Party. The forms and terms of payment shall be specified on an individual basis.
  • The cost of additional attempts of delivery shall be borne by the Payer in accordance with the price list valid on the day of conclusion of the agreement.
  • Ar-Speed reserves the right to charge additional costs to the Sender if they result from a fault of the Sender. This shall apply in particular to the costs associated with storage of the shipment as well as a variety of mandates and administrative penalties and other reasons not listed separately, which can result in a loss of Ar-Speed company.


  • Complaints of improper performance of the services shall include:
    - data of the entity submitting the complaint (company name/name and surname, address);
    - copy of the waybill with the number of the shipment;
    - amount of the complaint;
    - legible signature of the entity submitting the complaint or its representative (along with an accompanying power of attorney).
  • The deadline for considering the complaint shall be maximum three months, starting from the date of submission of a valid complaint. After considering the complaint, Ar-Speed shall officially notify the complaining party about its decision (in case of compensation - about its amount and time and form of transfer).
  • The complaint submitted by an unauthorised person shall be considered invalid. This shall also apply to the complaints submitted after the deadline.


  • Individual agreements concluded with the Ordering Parties can differ from the certain issues included herein. The crucial findings shall be in the agreements. In other cases, the provisions hereof shall be binding for all the parties.
  • At the time of signing the proof of sending, the Sender shall agree to process his/her/its personal data included in the transport document by Ar-Speed and necessary to perform the transport service, in accordance with the Act of 29th August, 1997 on protection of the personal data, the Journal of Laws, no. 133, item 883.
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