There is no doubt that courier deliveries between Poland and Germany are the most popular among all Polish international shipments. There are three basic reasons: large Polish population in Germany, intense Polish and German contacts and common border resulting in close relations of the two countries. To compare, parcels between Poland and the USA are much less common although the Polish population in the United States is the largest in the world. However, they are thousands of kilometres away.

We provide courier services of the highest quality within 357 thousand km² of the German country. Parcels Poland – Germany? Only with Ar-Speed company!

Parcels Poland – Germany is the slogan which is quite popular. And when demand for services is growing, new service providers are introducing their offers. The growing number of service providers results, on the other hand, in growing expectations of customers regarding the service quality. Ar-Speed company has decided to respond to all the aspects of our customers’ expectations, creating a huge courier network which covers the entire territory of Germany which is over 357 thousand km². The sheer enormity of our services goes hand in hand with their quality which is in accordance with the highest norms