The Netherlands is a quite exotic country for an average Polish person, but you have to go there to understand it. When you are there you can notice ubiquitous governance and order. It is so perfect that sometimes you can think you are on a film set. It is not easy to find an unarranged piece of land in the Netherlands. Even when you go in the country you will not find rustic landscapes with an old fence, high nettle and field thickets. Everything is neat and tidy.

The roads in the Netherlands are 116 thousand kilometres long and they are well developed. Thus, the parcels from Poland to the Netherlands are delivered in perfect conditions.

The Dutch people, who are the masters of perfection, have the highest road density as the country. The roads are more than 116 thousand kilometres long in total and there are more than 2 200 kilometres of motorways. Ar-Speed buses travel unmistakably in this entanglement of roads with perfect surface, delivering parcels from Poland to the Netherlands on a daily basis. You can be sure that all your parcels will be always delivered on time.