Though the basic group of Ar-Speed company customers is Polish (they live in Poland and abroad), it does not mean that our couriers deliver parcels exclusively for Polish customers. The senders and receivers of the parcels we deliver are very often of German nationality because the Germans have already tested the quality of our services and they are willing to use them again. Especially because the prices we offer are very competitive to the prices of German courier companies.

Ar-Speed courier network covers the entire area of Germany and we can deliver parcels even to 80 million citizens of this country.

Over 80 million people live in Germany so this country has the second highest population in Europe, after Russia. Ar-Speed courier network covers almost entire area of Germany so this means: we are able to reach almost 80 million German citizens. Taking into consideration the fact that German and Polish relations (the business and the private ones) are dynamic, our buses travel hundreds of kilometres every day, delivering parcels to both countries.