The roads in Germany are more than 656 thousand kilometres long in total, including over 13 thousand kilometres of motorways. It is a pure pleasure to drive a car in Germany and you can travel hundreds of kilometres in record time. However, such favourable conditions can be a real challenge for a courier company because they make customers’ expectations much higher. Ar-Speed employees are aware of this fact and they cover long distances reaching their destinations always and everywhere on time.

Delivery of parcels from Poland to Germany is a form of reliable communication between a few millions of Polish people living in Germany and their homeland.

Demand for courier services between Poland and Germany is very high. For years Germany has been one of the most popular countries of Polish migration. It is not surprising because this is a Polish close neighbour and it is the second place (after the USA) when it comes to the most popular destinations for international migrations in the world. Official statistics regarding Polish diaspora say there are about two millions of Polish citizens living in Germany. However, if we consider also those who stay there temporarily, the number is much higher. Our buses travel also for the latter group, ensuring permanent communication with Poland.