The total area of the Netherlands is only 41 526km². This number includes quite a big portion of the land which has been reclaimed from the sea due to elaborate drainage systems. The process is still underway so the area of the Netherlands is continuously growing! This country astonishes with one crucial fact almost everyone who is interested in its economy: representing one of the most urbanised countries in the world, it is also the leading European large agricultural exporter. Combination of these two contradictions on such a small surface is possible only due to perfect organisation.

The area of the Netherlands is 41.5 thousand square kilometres and it is still growing. The quality of Ar-Speed services represents the highest standards and is still growing, too.

Companies from other countries, operating in the territory of the Netherlands, have an opportunity to learn positive business models and they can implement them in their own sectors. Thanks to this fact, they can guarantee the high standard of their services, compliant with the Dutch requirements. Ar-Speed is not an exception in this aspect. Thus, the slogan PARCELS POLAND – THE NETHERLANDS is not only a guideline for our services, but it is also a guideline for our company development and a high quality guarantee.