Although its surface is quite small, Belgium has a large road system. Some sources say that the Belgian roads are 145 thousand kilometres long, and there are about 1700 kilometres of motorways. For this reason, the country is an absolute leader when it comes to road density in Europe, and it is right after the Netherlands considering its motorway density. It means that delivering parcels from Poland to Belgium via roads can be done in very convenient conditions.

Delivery of parcels from Poland to Belgium has become an important service when the number of Polish people working there exceeded several times over the Polish diaspora in this country.

Official statistics say the number of Polish people living in Belgium is about 80 thousands. However, this number does not include those who stay there because of their employment contracts and in fact, the number is much higher. Belgium is an attractive country for Polish people who are interested in labour migration because of the high remuneration level. The large number of Polish citizens staying in Belgium has resulted in demand for reliable services of courier companies that can deliver parcels from Poland to Belgium. Ar-Speed company has responded to these needs perfectly, offering services of the highest quality.