Belgium has a population of over 11 million people. Considering the fact that its area is only 30.5 thousand sq. km, the population density is very high and it is about 360 people per sq. km. However, contrary to many other overpopulated regions of the world, Belgium is a country of perfect organisation which offers its people a high standard of living. For this reason, Belgium is an attractive migration destination, especially for economic purposes, for many people from Europe, including those from Poland.

Nobody really knows how many Polish people live in Belgium at present. However, this group is large enough to be a reason for launching a freight forwarding network for parcels sent from Poland to Belgium.

An exact number of Polish people staying in Belgium is hard to quantify. However, the statistical data saying the number is close to one hundred thousand people seems to be too low because official data usually refer to less than a half of the real number. The main group of Polish immigrants, who went to Belgium to work there, live in Flanders, which is the north part of Belgium. To respond to their needs, Ar-Speed company has created its departments in some cities in the region, enabling efficient and fast shipment of parcels from Poland to Belgium.