The population of the Netherlands is much over 16 million people which makes this country one of the most densely populated countries in the world. This number includes a high share of residents of nationalities which are different than Dutch, and Polish people are among them. However, it is impossible to say know how many Polish people stay in the Netherlands at present. The main reason is that circulation of seasonal workers is high, which is the main characteristic of the agricultural sector. Another thing which is also important is the fact that Dutch agriculture companies are willing to employ Polish workers.

Ar-Speed company is able to reach 16 million Dutch citizens because it has its departments in different parts of the country. Our services have already been appreciated by Dutch customers.

Ar-Speed, delivering parcels from Poland to the Netherlands, usually works for Polish customers. It is not surprising because our Dutch courier network was created mainly on the base of this group of customers. However, the situation is changing and now also the Dutch people appreciate out potential, professionalism, and our competitive prices. At present, Ar-Speed departments, located evenly over the entire Dutch area, more and more often deliver parcels also between the Netherlands and Germany.